Great piece. Would be interested to do a comparison to neighboring PA, where Dems saw a very different result, and try to get a sense of what accounted for the difference.

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Who would have thought spending the last 40 years validating (and passing!) Republican policy would have lead to people taking the Republicans seriously?

Perhaps if the Dems pulled their faces out of the feeding trough and actually helped the people the expect to vote for them, they might not have to worry about the clown car on the other side of the aisle.

But as Biden appoints a new grifter to be his chief of staff and Pelosi continues to endorse congressional insider trading, this seems unlikely.

Imagine being so corrupt and incompetent that you were in a dead heat with the Republicans.

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Utterly fantastic work. You just got yourself a paid subscriber.

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Welcome back. What a nerd. You data sleuth you. Of course I've read about the shifts of Hispanics and Asians, but you cover it with facts and nuance, letting geography tell its story.

Would love to know more about how you access and analyze voting data by electoral district. I did it with ED by ED Manhattan voting data in the early 1990s and it involved going down to the Bureau of Elections, making copies, and laboriously inputting numbers. Hope we have progressed since then.

You need charts. Whenever I get to a comparison of voting percentages by parties, districts and ethnicities, I have to read it two or three times and even then I don't always get it unless you tell me what the numbers mean. Please make it easy on your readers and give them a picture.

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