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in 2005 an Irish/Bulgarian bartender at a lounge (started by Greeks and sold to South Asians) asked me if the Manhattanites were going to take over the neighborhood. "I hope not. I like the diversity"

"Mamdani père - "Beyond Settler and Native as Political Identities"

And now, the son, carpetbagging Hollywood socialist, Piketti's "Brahmin Left" in spades, and the suburban socialists ignore the distinction between gentrifier and gentrified, between the self-definition of the upwardly mobile, and the condescension of the native elite "reformers and socials workers" taking pity on the "poor foreigner".

Poor immigrants distrust you. the rest have contempt for you.

The new hipster cheese shop put a sign saying "Muslims welcome here". The shop is three blocks from a mosque. Hipsters had made it their own neighborhood. Intentional communities supplanting real ones.

In 2005 a Manhattan gallery director from the Netherlands told me she'd stopped coming out to Astoria. "The Americans are moving in." Astoria in the 90s was the most organically cosmopolitan neighborhood in NYC. The city is provincial now. It's become Americanized.

Your purblind self-love is not class politics. It's American narcissism.

The irony is that the two Trumpers I know are an Albanian and a Bangladeshi married to a Hungarian. I called Nathan Robinson the Tom Wolfe of hipster socialism and he took it as a compliment.

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